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11 December, 2017


 You have so many names
 Child in a Manger...
 Refugee child ... street child
 You are outcast ... unwanted
 Exploited… abandoned
 Fatherless, motherless
 Beloved, awaited
 Child in the Manger Who are you?

You once said:
 "Whoever receives one of these little ones
 in Your Name Receives You..."

 You want to live in our homes
 You want to open our eyes
 You want to enlarge our hearts

 You are no longer the Child in the Manger
 You are a child without a home
 You cry with hunger while scavenging
 the garbage cast from the rich man’s table
 You are tortured, you are whipped
 You are forced to satisfy adults' desires

 And yet you are the Love come from Heaven
 You still give hope to the world

If we let you live in our homes
 If we let you open our eyes
 If we let you enlarge our hearts

1 comment:

  1. This is a beautiful poem, Lisa, with much to ponder about that Child. His coming should be changing the way I see life and loving. May I let him "enlarge my heart." Blessings to you!